Part of a larger project "The Revolution Is Not Monolingual" is a short film using footage shot across Russia in 2017 while there on the Felix Gonzalez Torres Grant from CalArts.

Original text, audio, editing, and video by Elizabeth Preger. Finished in 2020

Elizabeth Preger & Lusí-Andrés Ajonjolí spend 45 minutes discussing collaboration, exchange, and joy.

Elizabeth Preger

Lusí-Andrés Ajonjolí

Music Video for Low Lov

"Can't you see the love that i carry"

Low Lov Youtube Channel

"I Drank The Moon's Reflection"
A collaboration between Elizabeth Preger and Anna Barrie inspired by early surrealist experimental films.
Film by Elizabeth Preger, Arrangement & Performance by AA Barrie, Original Score by Freddy Nightliker
The audio above is from a card reading one windy night by Daniel Marlos, the person who introduced me to art and transformed my path. 
Recorded in 2016
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