I'd love to take a portrait of you. I'm envisioning an image where you look resplendent, immortal, mythic, powerful, like an icon. In this process I want to, together, try imagining a visual language that connects to our present moment in time and reinvents, sheds, or transforms troupes that are often associated with majestic formal portraits. I'd like this image to be a fusion of our visual ideas, to be a space where we can play together with what a portrait of you is. If your vision is strong and realized, I'm happy to play the role of technician in making it real. If it feels like a conversation is exciting and could lead to a visual direction, let's talk! If you prefer I take the lead, totally. Ideally this encounter will be simulating for both/all of us.

What if together we move into the imaginary, try to shed our preconceived ideas of how people thought to be saintly, godly, powerful, supernatural, etc. are visioned historically and collaborated on a shared vision of (and here lets intentionally shift our language from terms like "saintly" etc.) a new iconography of resplendent portraiture? What would it look like?

I have no idea, but I'm damn curious to try. These images will come up against the limitations of a photograph’s materiality, but only so far as we/I/you accept those limitations. What if gravity and physics could be suspended? Can it? Let's try and enjoy the possibility of failure--of messing up and renegotiating the result.

How can this process and experience be a place of shared nourishment? 
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